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Reliance Jio Will Make Apex Body Of Indian Cricket Richer

With Star India, Reliance Jio, and SPN (Sony Pictures Networks) giving their best for the India cricket’s media rights, it is the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), that is ready to take pleaser of one more windfall.

On the 1st day of the much discussed e-auction (1st time in the Indian sports’ history) 5 rounds of bidding occurred and the final bid was worth Rs 4,442 Crore. This is already a 15% profit on earlier deal by Star India (2012–2018) for India cricket rights. This deal made BCCI wealthier by Rs 3,851 Crore.

While we’re on the subject, all the 3 bidders opted to bid for the GCR (global consolidated rights), which comprise the digital rights as well as worldwide television rights of all the cricket matches organized in India.

While 6 firms had risen up the tender papers, Google, Facebook, and YuppTV did not gamble for the rights. On the other hands, it was Reliance Jio’s entrance in the GCR sector, which has shocked many, and can upset the plan of SPN and Star India, the sports analysts expect.

“Sony, Star, and Jio had given their technical offers and all 3 are competent for bidding for all 3 segments. Each one has bid only for combined rights,” claimed a very trust worthy source.

The auction began with an introductory Rs 4,176 Crore bid that consequently jumped up to Rs 4,201.20 Crore, Rs 4,244 Crore, Rs 4,328.25 Crore and lastly Rs 4,442 Crore. According to the process for auction, every participant had 1 hour to lift the offer by a least sum of Rs 25 Crore. The bidding will carry on till members make a decision to exit. BCCI, according to the future tours program, will host 18 matches in the Y1, 26 in Y2, 14 in Y3, 23 in Y4, and 21 in Y5.