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Now Facebook Messenger Enables Sending 360-Degree HD Videos And Photos

Facebook Messenger, in an attempt to visually attract its user base, declared the beginning of 360 degree HD quality videos and photos on the application. The new 360 degree and panoramic images will assist the users to capture elaborate elements such as ocean view from an inn room or landscapes. Moreover, the firm also declared that users will be capable of sharing HD (high definition) quality videos right to the Messenger.

To test these new additions, the users need to upgrade their Messenger application to the most recent variant. To utilize the 360 degree images in Messenger, one may put the camera of their phone to panorama and capture an image or snap a 360 degree picture using a 360 photo camera or app. The user may then distribute it in the application as a normal picture. From there, the photo will be transformed into a mesmeric image that the recipients can feel on their mobile by clicking and dragging the image or by stirring their device, and by tapping and towing on

The user, in order to distribute HD videos, can either distribute a video saved on the device from their newsfeed or from a message thread to the other. The 360 degree photos as well as HD videos are simple to recognize in Messenger, on the panoramic image’s right-hand side one can see a compass icon. Also, the videos will be effortlessly recognizable with an SD or HD marker. The users can even alter the quality straight from the marker when in full-screen mode on the lower right side.

The 360 degree images are accessible throughout the world on Android as well as iOS, whereas HD quality videos are accessible in Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Canada, France, Finland, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Romania, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom on Android and iOS.