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Steve Wozniak, The Apple Co-Founder, States He Is Leaving Facebook

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, claims that he is getting off from Facebook, in the middle of uncertainties about security polices about the personal data that consumers share with the social networking behemoth. “I am in the procedure of stepping away from Facebook. It has given me less positives and extra negatives,” Wozniak claimed this week in a Facebook post. “Apple has more safe methods to share stuffs about users. I can still cope with old school text and email messages.”

Later in the week, the Facebook profile of the co-founder from which he had posted the message for departure seemed to have been removed and no longer accessible. An effort to get in touch with Wozniak through his cellphone was not successful. The announcement of the tech pioneer marks the recent development in backward and forward corporate sniping by tech leaders as Facebook deals with a disgrace over the possible mistreatment of consumer data by Cambridge Analytica—the political targeting firm.

On a similar note, Facebook removes one more data analytics company after the local media finds it was employing tactics same as Cambridge Analytica. CubeYou (the data analytics company) employed personality quizzes evidently labeled for “non-profit educational study” to assist marketers find users. One of its puzzles, “Apply Magic Sauce,” which also goes by “You Are What You Like,” states it is only for “non-profit educational study that has no link whatsoever to any profit-making or commercial entity or purpose.”

When the local media presented Facebook with the terms and quizzes, which are same to the approaches employed by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook claimed that it was going to remove CubeYou from the portal to examine. The firm traded information that had been gathered by scientists operating at Cambridge University with the Psychometrics Lab, same as how Cambridge Analytica employed data it got for political marketing from other professors at the school.