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The Next-Gen Mercedes-AMG C 63 Aimed To Be A Hybrid Model

Though Mercedes-AMG might have recently revealed its newest C 63 models last week at the New York Auto Show, but the thoughts are already shifting to the next-gen of these superb vehicles. Even though it may not be as earth-crushing exposure as it may have been a couple of years back, Tobias Möers (the Mercedes-AMG boss) has claimed that “the next-gen Mercedes-AMG C 63 will be a hybrid” to Australia’s Car Advice.

For most individuals those who are not aware, electric and hybrid powertrains normally mean somewhat more luxurious variants of current models that provide enhanced fuel economy in comparison to a normal diesel or petrol. They also offer a chance to feel good since they are doing their part for the nature by making them eco friendly. Presently, the high-performance chances of electric propulsion systems are normally kept for extremely costly supercars, but there are indications that the tech is beginning to filter down into more reasonably priced variants.

Certainly, a hybrid high-performance C 63 may not be in quite the similar bracket of affordability as compared to something such as a Focus ST performance hybrid version would be, but at least it will be a step forward in the correct direction away from a McLaren P1 or a Porsche 918.

AMG has to walk on a fine line with its cars between continually rising performance and power, and simultaneously remaining on the right side of ever more firm emissions goals. The revitalized C 63 generates 516 lb.-ft. of torque and 503 horsepower, but early reports of a next-generation plug-in hybrid SL in progress recommends somewhere in the area of 700 horsepower. Due to that fact, it is sensible to hope the complete AMG arrangement to turn out to be more and more influential since hybridization begins to take hold.