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During Deadly Crash Autopilot Was Active, Claims Tesla

In the case of the fatal road mishap, which involved Tesla Model X, the electric car maker has agreed that the Autopilot feature was in function. This development might worsen the concerns over the security of futuristic vehicles.

Autopilot function is far away from the fully autonomous driving system. Autonomous driving conditions don’t need human intervention. Autopilot is the level 2 of autonomy according to the autonomous mobility terminology. The level-5 autonomy shows that the car operates on its own without human intervention.

Model X of Tesla, which is the latest model ran into the highway barrier near a town of Mountain View in California in last week and immediately caught fire after two more cars collided.

According to the Mercury News, Wei Huang was the driver, who was an Apple engineer, 38 years. Huang was later declared as dead in hospital.

Tesla through its blog reported that it is true that the driver had activated Autopilot but had overlooked forewarning. Just before the accident, Autopilot was set to active along with follow-distance of adaptive cruise control set to minimum.

Several visuals and hands-on warning were delivered to the driver, but driver’s hands weren’t identified on the steering wheel before six seconds of accident occurrence. The driver had 150 Meters of free vision of concrete divider for almost 5 Seconds, but as per the vehicle logs, there was no action taken.

Tesla also clarified that the reason for such massive damage to the car was due to highway barrier that was trampled in a previous accident and was there without getting replaced.

The electric car maker said, “So far we haven’t witnessed such major damage to Model X in any crash incidents.”

The company said, “In terms of Autopilot, the US government was the first to find our iteration to eliminate crash counts by 40%.”