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SpaceX Internet To Soon Exist, And Very Soon Than You Expect

Aims are worthless without achievement, and there can be no achievement without a focused aim. These words are exactly what Elon Musk is presently following. This man has thought about some wishes and turned them into real results.

Musk after chasing and somewhat reaching close to its multiple objectives such as colonizing Mars, rocket launches, and many others now will power your smartphone with the Internet. SpaceX wifi will be soon coming and those dates might fall in next year. It has been recently found that FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has sanctioned the futuretech mogul’s company to introduce Starlink. It is said that the new broadband satellite service won’t just make Internet bloom but will revolutionize the look of the Internet in such a way, we have ever seen.

At present, there is a condition, where your struggle is to stay connected with those connectivity bars on hotspots, and conclusively have to opt a no-use Internet connection or hefty data charged bills on the telephone. There are still some areas where people still use archaic dial-up services that belong to 90s. This doesn’t end here, according to a data around 34.5 Million Americans in rural areas and cities areas that are considered as remote locations are still away from the broadband access. And looking at the intensity, Starlink will simplify this concern by transforming the whole regions of the country into hotspots.

Around 4,425 low-orbit satellites will be in the constellation of Starlink, out of which 800 satellites will go into the orbit before the system takes off. This will reflect the radio frequencies with the connection in Ka and Ku bands. These frequencies range in between 12–18 GHz and 26.5–40 GHz parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

On this, one curiosity backed question arises that is Starlink Elon Musk’s optimistic plan for future of the Internet?