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European Energy Takes Significant Move In Offshore Wind

European Energy Group has taken a significant move into the market of offshore wind via the acquirement of Sprogø Windpark. A/S Storebælt obtained the wind farm this week. This data was given by CEO of European Energy, Knud Erik Andersen, to the media in an interview.

“This is a significant decision into European Energy’s offshore wind. The wind farm is an eye-catching asset and it will additionally offer insights into the maintenance and operation of an offshore wind farm. We think that offshore wind has a position in the upcoming energy mix, in addition to the onshore solar and wind energy. With the acquirement of Sprogø Windpark we have all 3 components in our collection,” claimed Andersen.

The Sprogø Windpark is situated between the islands of Funen and Zealand in the Great Belt in Denmark. It has seven wind turbines worth 3 MW that make power equal to 16,000 households each year. A/S Storebælt has maintained a high degree of maintenance and operation, making sure the accessibility at almost 98%.

“European Energy will capture an extremely well operated wind farm. It will offer them with a high and stable production of green electricity for their operations. Sprogø Windpark is exceptional as it is situated North of the bridge between Funen and Zealand, and the farm provides display for offshore wind in Germany.”

“Sund & Bælt will carry on purchasing green energy for the process of our personal infrastructure facilities,” claimed CEO of Sund & Bælt, Mikkel Hemmingsen, to the media in an interview. The wind farm is Denmark’s most renowned offshore wind farm, as it can be visible from the bridge linking Funen and Zealand. Almost 25 Million users pass the farm each year. “We are proud to be offshore wind farm’s latest owner that offers most Danes a glance into offshore wind,” claimed Knud Erik Andersen to the media.