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The Long March 5 Heavy-Lift Rocket Will Be Fired In November For Critical Testing

There will be an experiment carried through return-to-flight mission. The mission will be carried based on novel DFH-5 satellite platform through 300 Gbps telecommunications satellite. The upcoming DFH-5 will be able to deliver 1 terabit per second from the present 20 Gbps with DFH-4.

One of the most powerful rocket of China will be fired for the third time of this year. This launch of will be significant for upcoming projects comprising returning lunar samples, 2020 Mars mission, and space station module launch.

Speaking on the basis of nation’s annual parliamentary sessions in Beijing in March, a senior aerospace officials opened to the media the details of Long March 5 return-to-flight.

The launch will carry ‘Practice-20’ and Shijian-20 that are experimental telecommunication satellites designed based on DFH-5 satellite platform.

President of the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), Zhang Hongtai, a manufacturer and developer of spacecraft and satellites stated that Shijian-20 will boost the communication satellite capacity of the country to 300 gigabits per second from the present capacity of 20 Gbps with the predecessor DFH-4.

Post on-orbit technical authentication of this first satellite, which is expected to launch in November, Zhang believes that with the help of DFG-5 platform the future satellites will be efficient enough to deliver capacity of 1 terabit per second.

Shijian-20 will also be loaded with newly created high-thrust ion propulsion by test out laser communications and Lanzhou Institute of Physics. The satellite will be the largest among its type sent to geostationary orbit with total mass of 7 metric tons and 2,000 kg of payload capacity.

China is following a target of giving a shot of 40 launches in 2018 which is practically double of the national record of 22 set sent in 2016. The Long March 5 will turn out to be the China’s one of the key space goals which rest on its success.