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Commercial Launch Market Is The Prime Focus Of Ula

United Launch Alliance intends to augment its action in the commercial launch market through utilizing current Atlas and future Vulcan rockets both. This is supported with the acknowledgement that the U.S. government will continue to be its key client in upcoming future.

While talking at the Satellite Conference 2018 on March 12, Tory Brunopresident and chief executive of ULA stated that it was dedicating additional focus to the commercial market as the company now doesn’t have to deal with the assistance to the U.S. government in terms of issues related to national security space launches.

He said, “Our task in the first decade was to provide full attention on helping United States with some critical catastrophe in space by launching national security payloads. However, the assets were aging assets were getting old and there was delay in replacement options. We were ordered to fly with full efficiency and reliability as you can’t lose any of the payloads.”

“These issues have ended now, we have given full assistance in solving it, and now we are totally free to shift our focus towards commercial marketplace and are quiet enthusiastic to accomplish the upcoming task, he added.”

He also said, “As a part of the move, the company affirmed in January that it will handle overall marketing part of Atlas 5. Previously, Atlas sales was solely handled by the Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services.”

Speaking at conference with media on March 13, he stated that shifting commercial sales in-house makes it simple to modify solutions for clients, seeing the majority of the Atlas vehicle options on the basis of number of solid rocket boosters and payload fairing size.

ULA will also be managing the Vulcan rocket in-house marketing. The latest launch of the rocket is intended to happen in mid-2020. Bruno also added that company is yet to sell the Vulcan mission.