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Tom Mooradian Over Robust Recycling Initiative Led By PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Tom Mooradian shared some crucial information about recycling and various initiatives the company has carried to improve the recycling rates.

Recycling initiative led by PepsiCo was started in 2010 to engage and educate the customers about the necessity of the recycling as well as enable increase the access to recycling.

While talking about the criticality of PepsiCo’s sustainability agenda in terms of packaging-based recyclable materials he stated that PepsiCo is emphasized on offering long-term and sustainable growth alongside leaving a positive mark on environment and society. And this is termed as “Performance with Purpose.” This program basically follows to tap three areas; Planet, Products, and People. In terms of planet, PepsiCo has a commitment to eliminate the cause of hazardous environmental impact, while surging its business and striving to fulfill the food, natural resource needs of the evolving world.

The company has kept an objective to design 100% compostable, recyclable, biodegradable packaging material, reduce the packaging led carbon impact, and a key focus is on to boost the recycling rates.

PepsiCo has also initiated another recycling program named Zero Impact Fund, in which eligible universities and colleges are allowed to apply for funding of $10,000 to strengthen and create sustainability initiatives on campus. The fund offers backing for the variety of creative and innovative ideas that portray accessible and simple programs brought up by faculty, staff, and students of the concern universities. Further, those meeting the objective of making an impact on campus with respect to economic, social, and environmental factors get awards and appreciation in the form of funding.

Mooradian while talking about the success achieved so far through these programs said, “Around 179 Million cans and bottles are recycled since 2010 and with funding program, PepsiCo honored grants to schools for accomplishing the mission of on-campus recycling.